bring the ford focus st wagon to America

I think Ford USA should bring the Focus ST wagon to America. Europe does love their wagons because they are a fine compromise between a car and a suv. Europeans also love performance and there are many sport wagons "blades" that achieve that, and one of the better and more affordable ones is the Focus wagon ST. I have been lucky enough to drive both the Focus ST and the Focus ST wagon for an extended period on Irish roads, and while the handling and performance was brilliant in both, I crave the versatility of the wagon. It has been a long time since I had so much fun driving a true rally worthy Ford. I would be in line at the dealership to be first to purchase a Focus ST wagon, but find myself hesitating on purchasing the ST hatch. Please Ford say you will import the Focus STwagon, it sure beats the idea of a turbo suv. I am also available to drive the ST wagon on your test track anytime. Bring the Focus ST wagon to America and make my decision to buy a turbo charged vehicle an easier choice for the whole family, not just the boy in a mans body.
Margaret R 06/28/2013
I'm with you both Harry O and Brad B. The US deserves the Focus Wagon. Bring it back!
Brad B 05/13/2013
Hey Ford & Harry O ! I'd love to see the ST Wagon too. Another strong seller would be the Focus Wagon. I bought the C-Max Hybrid and love it, Herbie is giving us great fuel economy. Another wagon, the B-Max is a great looking car. With all the manufacturers looking more at the youth market the above mentioned models will sell great.