bring the 7.3 turbo diesel back

By Ryan W.

The 7.3l v8 powerstroke diesel was one of the best diesel motors ever. Im not sure why they have stopped making them, but with advancing technology I believe that ford motor company can make the 7.3l v8 powerstroke once again.
Clinton B 11/06/2012
From my understanding Ford did away with the 7.3 when a deal went bad with Navistar (aka International Harvester) who was the supplier for the 7.3 Diesel. Navistar still builds the 7.3 in Springfield, OH and a plant in Indiana for use in buses and the current S series truck which is the smaller Navistar semi that is commonly configured as a tow truck, salt truck, or box truck. Most UPS trucks also have the 7.3 Diesel. Basically it came down to government regulations put on Non Commercial trucks for pollution and fuel economy. I also agree that the 7.3 is the best Diesel that ford put in its truck and they should work with Navistar to bring it back, after all it is still in production. There is even a cam-less version now.
Christopher K 11/05/2012
I absolutely agree. Any mechanic I've talked to praises the 7.3. I'm not sure but I believe they did away with it because of the push for "clean" diesel now.