Bring back the Station Wagon

By Pat M.

I have owned my Taurus since 2007.  My brother-in-law is a Ford sales person and has discussed the idea of me turning my Taurus in for a newer model. My comments is always, " I will when Ford brings back a station wagon!"  I don't want an SUV, my husband has a Ford 150 and that's great. I just want an economical station wagon for me to carry my dogs to the vet or go shopping.  I owned a Corolla station wagon years ago and loved it. I drove it until the frame went on it.  Please, bring back the station wagon.  It will save gas and make many people happy.
Pat McCurdy
Cato, NY
Jeff G 06/30/2014
My 05 Focus Wagon has mor cargo space seats up or down than an Escape or Edge. I average better than their highway mpg estimates. Coming back with a wagon is a no brainer. Come on Ford. Get with the program.
Jeff G 06/27/2014
I think art is a little off the mark here. A cross over and a station wagon are not the same thing. Find me an Escape that gets 40 mpg with regular gas - non hybrid - and I will call it a contender. Cross overs just don't have the space and fuel sipping economy of a wagon. Ford can't figure that out and neither can other American car companies. Look at that new Edge too. Huge, gas guzzling non-hauler. What are they thinking?!? After driving nothing but American cars since I was 16, I am seriously looking at a foreign make. I just want a wagon. I am with Pat completely on this one. I have an 05 Focus Wagon and will drive it into the ground before I give up the space/mpg.
art h 05/18/2014
The term station wagon is dead. now they call them cross overs. l;ook at the escape. It's small and if you want I think you can get all wheel drive.Its the perfict size for two people and a pet or to. The smart lift gate will spoil you just put your food uncer the back and the hatch opens. I have a 12 Taurus sho and love it but its a big car.