Bring Back the Ranger Truck

The ford Ranger was my favorite truck for the last 15 years. The F150 is too large for my lifestyle and also for my garage! The Ranger got best fuel mileage awards for several years. It is the perfect size truck for homeowners and small businesses not requiring the large capacity of the F150 and F250 models
Howard 07/09/2013
I have had 4 Rangers in my time with most of them going well over 100,000 miles. I am waiting for my new one.
Chris 04/12/2013
This was probably one of the biggest blunders Ford has made ever. The Ranger was one of the most popular selling trucks in its class. I doubt they will see that kind of success with any other trucks. The ranger was the common persons truck. Not EVERYONE needs a 150,250, or 350. I would normally be totally against going to a foreign vehicle. But Looks like ford will be the next company to fall, right there beside the likes of Pontiac, if they don't get their act together and bring this truck back to the market.
Justin L 11/16/2012
The new Ranger that is available in Europe is perfect, Diesel power is a must. F-150 is too big! All of you that are looking and agree, keep the pressure on Ford, Maybe they'll get the message. They must be paranoid of another having Flex-sel (cousin to "Edsel"), but it's funny, it was obvious Flex would flop the instant I saw one. This new Ranger is a winner! Get it done! I'll but it today...
John E 10/16/2012
The Ranger filled such a versatile niche. Not every truck owner needs a full size, and with fuel economy what it is I'm surprised the small truck fell off. Its not like they're not building them already...
Jon F 10/14/2012
I would buy the new 4 door Ranger tomorrow if it was on sale here. The F150 4 door is 231 inches long!! Way to big for navigating in the city. The EcoTech V6 Ford toughts as giving the F150 great gas mileage gets only 1 (yes 1) MPH more than the V8 on the highway. It looks like I'll have to break down and buy a Toyota or a Nissan. Isn't it ironic that Detroit is once again forcing us to return to Japan for "right-sized" vehicles?
Richard P 10/12/2012
HAve to agree with the others the Ranger is/was a great size for our needs and the F150 is just to big for our needs or wants. Do not want to have to get a "Toy" when our Ranger finally dies.
Phil B 10/12/2012
I agree. We need the new Ranger. Not everyone needs or wants to lug around a full size truck. The new Ranger is a beautiful truck. Just the right size. I feel I may have to switch sides and get the new Chevy Colorado when it comes out. I hate to say that but my wife wants a truck and I prefer vehicles that get better mileage than those big behemoths get.
Wayne M 10/11/2012
i think if ford brought back the ranger they sell more if they did a raptor edition for it because it wouldn't cost as much as a raptor but yet be just as fun
Sam C 10/10/2012
Manufacture a small truck. I too can't use the f150 it's to large for my needs. Don't want a toyota, but I am being forced that way it seems
Rodney I 10/03/2012
If only the European diesel could pass the EPA specs! We would already have one.....
Peter K 10/01/2012
I didn't know they nixed it. I do not want a full size truck. I live downtown.
john m 09/26/2012
bring back the ranger. not everybody want's a full size truck.
Jeff D 09/25/2012
We need the Ranger! I agree with William in that a 150 is too big for my garage and lifestyle. The new Ranger available outside the US should be available here. The Ranger is versatile and more compact for city parking or trail driving. We need the diesel here too! I don't need something the size of a 150 but still need a truck. I would have to look at Toyota, Nissan, and GM to get a compact or midsize truck with 4 doors. What gives? I am a Ford guy, not a GM, Toyota, or Nissan guy.
Jon O 09/19/2012
Bring back a new Electric Ranger, as a landscape contractor, this is one of the best vehicles for maintenance and if I didn't have to spend so much on fuel it would be even better.
Robert T 09/18/2012
I think if that's all people commented about on this site, there would still no Ranger. If suddenly the Chevy Colorado was going to outsell the F-150, then we may see a new Ranger
I love my 2011 4.0 L Ranger XLT Supercab but would realy like to have the European Ranger with the crew cab and five cylinder diesel.