Bring back the Ranger!!!

With Nissan and Toyota still doing well in compact truck sales and Chevy still selling the Colorado and working on a re design of it ,(2011 Ranger numbers more than tripled what Chevy sold of the Colorado and Ranger sales were just a hair under Tacoma sales, with a 15 year old design!) same with Dodge and the Dakota, I really dont see why It was discontinued in the first place!
Cody M 08/17/2012
I've owned 3 Rangers. An '88, a 2001, and a 2006. I bought them all used, but they were all GREAT trucks! Trouble was that I never found one that was fully loaded the way I liked. I want to be able to buy a brand new one loaded the way I want! And make sure you bring it back with a 6-speed manual. And a diesel if you could... Thanks!
john m 08/11/2012
yes, bring back the ranger. i love my 99 ranger. oh. and put the fuel filter in the engine cortment and make it easier too change . i think most peope don't even change them untill they are clogged up. it's a real hassel too crawl under you truck and those itting's do not come loose easy. i bouht both of the so called easy disconnect's and neither worked. boy. was i cussin atomotive engineer's. so now it will get change when i realy have too or it goes in the shop for some other repair. i put the fuel filter the shelf in the garage until.
Richard P 08/07/2012
Comment on this article! A new Ranger is needed. The F150 is simply too big for many of us. We have a 98 Ranger now and hope to be able to replace it with a Ranger size Ford not a Toyota
William B 08/06/2012
the aussies have a great looking ranger and it has a 3.2 diesel and the have a UTE turbo 6 hot looking truck WHY are we left out?
deric r 08/05/2012
Its already selling in Europe. Chances are it will b a year or 3 to see if it will sell well b4 bringing it to America as that's what there strategy has been with almost all cars except the f-150,explorer, and mustang