Bring BACK the mini van with sliding doors....

I miss my Freestar SOOOOOO much... the Flex is nice but just doesn't do it for me.... I have had my flex for 12 months and not a day goes by that I don't wish I had my Freestar back... please someone at FORD read my comment and just think about it... I have driven a ford since the taurus sales drive of 1989 and would hate to have to pick a chrysler or heavin forbid a honda... yuck... please please make a van again!!!
Sara L 10/11/2012
Brad B-- love your prayer. I completely agree with both Robin and Brad. I am in need of a 7 passenger option. In all honesty, the price of stripped down Explorer is out of my price range and most minivan's MGP suck both literally and figuratively. It would be AWESOME if Ford came back with a Fuel friendly 7-8 passanger Minivan option that also had towing capacity. Ford says they value our options. Ford Social, lets unite and make our Voices heard.
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Ford ! Now I lay me down to sleep as GM & Chrysler pile up in a heap, if I should buy before I wake make it a Grand C-Max I'll love to take, Amen. Gentlemen we need the Grand C-Max ! This would be the perfect fit between the Focus 5-door and the Explorer and be a huge hit.