Bring Back the Ford Ranger

In 2000 I bought a Ford Ranger. I loved it until it died 200,000 miles and 10 years later. THe truck was sturdy, strong in low end torque in 4X4 mode and could take everything! I have been looking for a new truck to buy for 4 years now. I will not buy Toyota or Nissan or Chevy(unless push comes to shove) So please please bring back the Ranger So I can continue TO buy ford!

P.S. the 150 Is too big for what I want.

thanks, Doug
tim 10/29/2014
When Ford brings back the Ranger, make it closer to the Courier than the F150 - the last thing we need is a big truck.
Michael R 07/25/2014
The Ranger is one thing that should come back (a 2 Door Explorer Sport with a 5-speed and a Bronco are 2 more).  Currently there is not a single Ford truck that fits my needs - the F-150 is too big and gets gas mileage that is the same as the previous generation Ranger or my 22 year old Explorer Sport with 300,000 miles on it, the Escape does not have enough room for carrying an entire band's gear, and the Explorer too is too darned big and I think the styling on the current gen Explorer is ugly - plus I want a smaller 2-door like my old one. 
lwick 07/01/2014
I just had my 62nd birthday on Monday. It is my hope to settle into a Ford Ranger at this point in my life. After much research I find the Ranger would be a perfect fit.
Vic 06/25/2014
Who wants to lift something over their head to put it in the back of a truck?  Bring back the small truck!
eddie o 06/10/2014
On my 3rd Ranger, a 2003. The only thing I like about the euro ranger is the turbo diesel. Get with it Ford. No plastic bumpers, no steps or ladders to get in the bed. Just a small truck.
Raja B 05/28/2014
I agree also. I have a 98 Ranger now and don't want to replace it with an F150 its way too big for me eats up all the space in my garage. I also would like the replacement Ford Ranger to be an Energi plug in model. Put batteries under the truck bed. My current one is a gas guzzler at 18mpg so I only use it when I need it and use my Cmax car otherwise. It would be wonderful if you can make me a new Ford Ranager Energi to replace the one I have now.
sherri w 05/26/2014
Yes!!!! Please bring back the Ranger! I have driven my Dodge Truck for 10 years and am looking to replace it with a Ford. However, I do not want another full size pick up. I believe you are seriously hurting your business by not continuing with a Ranger/Ranger type truck. From the looks of the website I am certainly not the only one!
Derek B 05/25/2014
i agree. And while you are at it bring back the Bronco