Bring back the Ford Ranger.
Iowegian 12/08/2013
Product placement in TV shows isn't free. Placing the Euro version of the Ford Ranger in the Amazing Race airing in the United States was a calculated move by Ford. They are gauging our response to it and maybe starting the campaign to roll it out to the U.S.  I hope they hurry.  My 99' Ranger has served me well the past 15 years but it will have to be replaced eventually.  The Nissan Frontier is my choice if Ford doesn't bring the Ranger back.
rat t 12/05/2013
The Ecoboost is an underpowered oil burning maintenance joke with no punch line.We need a diesel in the F150s and a drop in the V8 options.Yes bring back the Ranger line up you can use the turbo chargers in them cause lawd knows the four cylinder def needed it!
Jeffrey B 10/29/2013
Bring the diesel Ranger to America! Give us the choice!
Kevin B 10/20/2013
I just saw the new Ford Ranger on an episode of "The Amazing Race".  Too bad it's not available in the U.S.  Why show a Ranger on an American TV show if you're not going to offer it in the U.S.?  I loved my old Ranger.  Please bring them back so I can get a new one!!
Juston P 10/19/2013
Just refresh the Ranger with a 3.5 L EcoBoost® V6, 4 ten electronic locking rear axle, high-intensity discharge hid headlamps, Sync® with My Ford Touch,® Sync Services, manual climate control, power-adjustable pedals, plus Navigation System, rear view camera, Remote Start System, Reverse Sensing System, add 3” on single cab model behind the seat and at the wheel lug nut bolt pattern used on the F150’s.
Tyler M 10/17/2013
I think it would be a good idea to reenter the market since Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and GM all have or will have new offerings.
Jack R 10/16/2013
I would have bought a Ranger IN March of this year IF the Ranger was still for sale [USA] !!! I bought a Mazda 3 instead.....
Richard P 10/11/2013
I was watching a car auction show on TV and saw a Ranger based pickup that looked much like a 34 pickup. Now that would be a really nice "new" Ranger.

Ford really needs a new Ranger size pickup, the 150 is just to big.