Bring back the Ford Ranger!!

By Cody M.

Please bring back the Ford Ranger. It was a great little rig and I miss it. I always wanted to buy a brand new one fully loaded with all of the options I wanted: heated leather seats, built-in navigation, V6 (a V8 would be great, too, though), 6-speed manual (I'd settle for 5-speed I guess...), four-wheel drive with manual transfer case, power windows and locks with auto up/down on both driver and passenger, power rear slider, keyless entry, bigger fuel tank or bring back the dual fuel tanks, tow package, suicide rear doors, Mach 1 sound system, and maybe even a system that tells you your mileage, etc. I've owned 3 Rangers already, and have loved them, but I've never found one that's optioned the way I like. I know some of these options would be asking for a lot but it'd be awesome to be able to have them standard from the factory. Hopefully I can see a new Ranger in my driveway one day...
Richard E 05/15/2013
I agree with Cody, I've had my 1993 Ranger for 20 years with 153,000 miles on her and she is still running strong. Best truck I've ever owned. You need to bring back the Ranger.
John V 08/21/2012
Manual transfer case would never fly nowadays, but I do like the Ranger.