Bring back the Expedition's front bench seat

By Rob M.

I need a new Ford Expedition with a front bench seat. My specific need is a large vehicle with six passenger capabilities and large cargo area that is heated/cooled. I want to be able to remove the third row seat for that space when I need it. You no longer allow that seating option/configuration. I need to buy a new large truck soon and am wondering if you are going to put the front bench back into the expedition. I see the console as a waste of space. Chevy/GMC produce 9 passenger configurations. This has got to be costing Ford loyalty and sales. Do I need to look at a Chevy Suburban or are you going to reintroduce the front bench seat option in the near future ? Bring back the front bench seat !
Perry S 11/09/2013
A front bench seat in the Expedition is a great idea.  This would make a 6/9 passenger suv with off-road and towing capability. Perfect!
Jerry 10/07/2013
Jerry & Mike in TN. Great idea to bring back the bench seat. My 6'7" husband needs leg room and the center console prevents this. We have an F150 for the bench with a drop down cup holder. A new expedition would be nice for traveling.
carsonmartin 01/23/2013
We have the front bench seat in our 2000 Ford Expedition, which allows for 3rd person in center. It also has removable 3rd row seat, which we permanently removed. Wish we could get this configuration again in the newest model. Otherwise we will have to buy from other mfr.
Johann S 01/20/2013
A front bench seat with a flip-down center console makes worlds of sense. I hope my minivan replacement will have a front bench seat.... without needing a F150...
CyberPine E 10/13/2012
The need for cup holders and mobile phone connectors help do away with the bench front seat. Air bags and safety ratings likely put the nail in the coffin. I'd like to see the bench front seat come back. With rear seats being useless in most cars, i just need seating for 3, so I drive a pickup truck wth a bench seat. It would be awesome to find a car like the Honda CRZ with a bench front seat. Or maybe a mini-truck
Mike 03/23/2012
I have a 03 Expedition and want to put a bench seat in it. anyone know what would fit? could I take one out of an F-150
Godfrey Lowe 02/12/2012
I agree bring back the bench seating up front. bucket seat is selfish style seating. American car used to be roomy. BRING BACK BENCH SEATS UP FRONT.
Zach Ott 09/30/2011
The Ford Expediton is my favorite car ever. all my life i have grown up on expeditions and have been so happy. i will be so sad and break down in tears if it goes away.
Michael Sakiewicz 09/18/2011
I have a feeling the Expedition is going the way of the Crown Vic and Ranger in the future buddy.