bring back the excursion

i love the ford excursion ford should bring it back it began life in 2000 and ford killed it in 2005 and replaced it with the expedition el in 2007
Rick 09/03/2014
comparing the Excursion to a 'burban 2500 is comparing apples to orchards. The X is so much more. you don't say a VW minibus has the same ability of a E-150.
Ty C 05/23/2014
Please don't bring this vehicle back,it was an embarrasement to Ford and it literally was the most ridiculous thing on the road. Just let all those people that need a 2500 series just buy a Chevy Suburaban 2500..
johnny 03/07/2014
Please bring back the ford excursion. I need a big vehicle for travel that has F250 capabilities. The expo el just dont cut it and looks weird also. I will buy one in a heart beat. I have a 2012 F250 now and have owned 2 other F250's in the last 10 years but would be glad to give it up for a excursion.