Bring back the Excursion

I really think Ford needs to bring back the Excursion. It blew away the Suburban back then and it would again today! I hate to say it, but the Expedition EL just doesn't match up to Chevy like all other Fords blowing it away! I feel that times have changed and even though there's all this "go green" garbage, the Excursion would still be a big hit, especially for me and many of my extended family that needs to haul many people and pull big campers/trailers...suburbans will have to do i much rather have a Ford though...and a diesel!!!
Alex S 10/05/2014
Brilliant idea. Just drove a friend's 6.0 Power Stroke Excursion Limited. Wow, so much room for every passenger, it had enough power to pull burnouts and do quick acceleration times, it can pull heavy trailers. During my quick hot-rodding drive around the back streets, I averaged 17.8mpg! Wow! Imagine how much better it would be with an all-new aluminum body and new tight chassis, with the 6.7! Also do a 2 door Bronco version, I would get that for serious off-roading.
J Edge 06/23/2014
I  too would love to see Ford bring back the Excursion with a version of the 6.7 tuned for economy!!!!
Anthony Denton 04/02/2014
I am currently looking for one. It's the only vehicle that can pull my RV and family safely. My F-150 is a beast but just not hefty enough and even with the Super Crew I dont have enough room. I would buy a new one in a second. I think there is a market for it, I just dont know how big of a market.
Francis 02/23/2014
I bought a new 2012 Suburban 2500 4 X 4 a couple of years ago and now has about 26K miles on it. Here is my experience with it. With the dual tank system, the fuel nozzle does not shut off in time to prevent fuel spray at full. GM refused to fix this. It runs hot in AZ summer in stop and go. GM said they could not repair this as it is normal to run 230F+ in stop and go. The AC system does not want to work when the temp hits 110+. GM did make some progress on this, but still not completly fixed. It was down for 9 days for this. It has the trailer package with HD cooling system. It does not have a cabin filter..real dumb here. Seats uncomfortable on long road trips. Cheap plastics in the interior. Front end too low, drags on minor off road excursions. No skid plates under it. Not enough power outlets. The box in area around the hitch is too small. The drive by wire throttle sucks. The cruise control is too slow to react to road conditons. Huge blind spot when looking over right shoulder during parking lot "back ups". Driver seat already showing excessive wear. If you have anything in the drivers door storage pocket, you cannot get to the power seat buttons while driving, the door must be opened to get to them. Removing the real tail light housings will scratch the paint. The truck I traded in was an '03 Super Duty Crew cab, it was screwed together much better than this truck. The nearly $60K spent on this Suburban would have bought a very nice low milage Excursion.
Jake 11/23/2013
OMG i love the Excursion. Just watched a video today of the new 2015 Cadillac Escalade and i wanted so much to rejoice in the knowledge that it was second fiddle to a much more supreme Excursion....but there isn't one. Please bring the Excursion back!!!!!
OMG! You nailed it! My husband I recently upgraded to a 2013 Chevy suburban because it is the only SUV out there now in a 3/4 ton. We GREATLY miss our Ford Excursion!! This Chevy has numerous blind spots that our excursion did not. And the seats are uncomfortable for my 5'7 frame. Plus, our kids are complaining to have our old truck back because of limited power outlets. Our Excursion had 7 and this Chevy has 2. Out with the old, in with the new? NO THANKS!
John Edge 12/29/2012
Agreed 110% - this is something that many of us need and simply does not exist in the market.
James 10/08/2012
I want an Excursion also. Make mine with the new F 450 Super Duty King Ranch model and I will have 2 Fords. ( I also own a Taurus )
farsand 08/30/2012
I wish that the excursion was still being made. They are just the beast of all SUV's!!!!!!!!! horrible choice to get rid of the models and stop making it \\
Trey S 08/22/2012
I. Think ford should bring back the excursion my family has had two of them and they are 100% sure to be a great hit. I live in a small town called Clarinda Iowa and they are everywhere. People all over my town are saying if ford was to bring back the excursion we would be the first to get it.
Banker5 05/31/2012
I love my Excursion. It's a diesel, and I'm getting right around 24 mpg since I made some modifications to the 7.3 engine. I have a big family! I'm 6'6", I have 3 kids and two Great Danes. I have a 30 foot boat, and a 50 mile roundtrip drive to work. I had a Caddy Escalade but there was no where near enough cargo room behind that 3rd row seat. I could fit an umbrella an ONE bag back there. I traded it in for a 2010 Escalade ESV (glorified suburban) and was getting at best 16 on the highway. It is not as luxurious as the Caddy, but it's not bad. I customized it and made it pretty dang nice. It is definitely a head turner.

If Ford intoriduced a 2013 Excursion based on the one ton chasis with their new diesel engines I would go order one tomorrow. They could even price the limited around 60-70K and really give it some nice features and I would be all over it. Have you seen what the prices on an X are used? NADA values my 2002 Limited with 150k miles on it at 12,000. I paid 20k, and there are Excursions on ebay and autortrader selling in the 30k range!!!

The demand has increased since the line was cut in 2005. BRING IT BACK!!
Jeremy 02/01/2012
i do saul, i drive 2005 excursion with the 6.0 diesel 4x4. i have it tuned and get around 20mpg driving normal. it is the best heavy duty SUV they put out, the new expedition XL is built on a f150 frame and is not going to hold up like the excursion has. Also if there is enough demand for the truck, which i suspect there is since the intro of the expedition XL then they should keep making the truck. The new expedition XL is a poor version of the excursion. Saul this is america we do not look down on people for being successful, we hold those people up as examples to inspire to.
Andre Ortiz 11/26/2011
Are you an Excursion owner? Or are you even aware about Excursion basics? 10-12mpg is what the GASOLINE Excursions consistently achieve. Diesels regularly see mid teens in city driving and low 20s in highway driving...pretty comparable to any Suburban if you ask me.
Tyler Smith 07/10/2011
Even though it seems like "garbage", being fuel efficient is one thing where the Suburban triumphed (even though it still lacks in retrospect) and the Excursion failed. Averaging at around 10-12 mpg, and on DIESEL fuel, you'd be paying extreme amounts for gasoline in today's economy with the Excursion. The only way Ford could bring back the Excursion is to make it more fuel efficient, because when it comes down to it, diesel prices are and will continue to skyrocket, and the Excursion will be lost in the Suburban's shadow (and even the Expedition EL for that matter) once again. The other thing that will kill the Excursion again is its lack of upscale materials and appearances. If not given a serious design update along with technologies, luxuries, etc, the Suburban and EL will reign once again.
Jack Ryan 07/06/2011
Diesel A6 4x4 F350 based Excursion would be perfect !
se by 07/02/2011
If you care enough about safety you'll get a big ford suv. Plus your not going to find a v8 or v10 hybrid excursion or f series super duty. If you want a suv hybrid the escape hybrid is the best that ford has come up with so far.
Lazaro Leal 06/16/2011
i love the ford excursion in fact i would like to get a new one
Lynn 05/26/2011
@Saul I drive a V10 Excursion and love it! Who cares about the gas prices! I sure don't but maybe that's because I'm not in debt to my eyeballs (none other than my house) so I don't have to worry about it. It is the ONLY vehicle big enough to fit the whole family plus the dog and all of our stuff too when we go anywhere. Not even the Expedition had enough cargo space.
Saul Reyes 05/24/2011
Aparently, you have lots of money. With gas prices near $4.00; who in his or her right mind wants to drive an Excursion?
Harry Betzel 05/22/2011
hi5 they should, less people get hospitalized in accidents, drive a put put car nobody will rcognise you in an accident