By Cole P.

The Ford Crown Victoria was probably the most tried,true, and reliable vehicles Ford has ever made. This applies to the Panther Platform as a whole. If Ford Motor Company spent money and time on a complete redesign of the Crown Victoria, perhaps with a bigger EcoBoost engine and performance variants, I can guarantee it would sell well. In terms of an everyday car, with an excellent combination of reliability comfort and modularity, the Crown Vic can't be beat. Please bring back this automotive icon.
Robert T 08/13/2014
Wow, the good old days. Will never come.
Kendal S 08/06/2014
Ford should bring back The Crown Victoria just as it was, A Full Size, Rear Wheel Drive, Panther Platform, Body on Frame Sedan. However, Crown Vic owners are not likely to want anything with Eco-Boost, but a larger 5.0 or 5.0 HO would most likely be necessary options.

Ford should also consider a Crown Victoria Sport Coupe on the same Full Size Panther Platform, with a Larger v8 Engine, Bucket Seats, a Center Console, and floor shifter for all those young and old who love a real Full Size Muscle Car (which the Mustang is not).