Bring back the Aerostar

I am driving a 1997 Aerostar.  It is my second Aerostar because I loved my first one so much.  Now that I am retired I am involved in animal rescue and transporting.  My car now has over 318,000 miles and my mechanic is telling me to get another car.  Problem is, I can't find anything comparable.  I like sitting up higher, I drove an F250 before my 2 Aerostars, I need large cargo capacity for the crates I transport the dogs in, and I need something to match my 24 mpg freeway mileage.  I don't want to buy a new car because of the nature of my work.  Animals get car sick or have accidents enroute so an older vehicle would do fine.  Any ideas for me?  Of course the perfect answer would be for Ford to make Aerostars again, but then again I wouldn't want them to destroy my brand new car.