Bring back small trucks

By John M.

I own a 2001 F150 and love it.  Will soon be in the market for a new truck but my needs have changed and I need a small truck like the Ranger or the proposed F100.  The only choice I have at this time is to purchase a Nissan or Toyota and I would really rather have a ford truck.  My other vehicle is a Lincoln MKZ hybrid and I know you are looking into alternative fuel source which is a good idea but  in the near future I hope you are also considering coming back with something smaller than the F150.  Please, please consider this  a request from not only me ME but the many potential buyers who are looking for A small truck and are not interested IN the choices that ARE out there now. 
I bought a Tacoma because Ford refuses to build what I want. Unfortunate.
Bill L 10/08/2013
F100 (Ranger) with a 3 Cyl Diesel - dealers wouldn't be able to keep them in stock.
Dan F 10/04/2013
I want to buy a smallish, short cab, short bed, short wheel base, lifted, 4x4 pickup. I’d like it to handle the off road like my son’s Jeep Wrangler (96” wheel base), but I want a separate bed in back with a camper shell so I can take the dogs to the lake and not smell them on the way home. And I’d love for it to be powered by the 250 HP 4 cylinder Ford Ecoboost engine in my wife’s 2013 Land Rover LR2. I am a Ford truck guy, but unfortunately it looks like I must buy the 109” wheelbase Toyota Tacoma standard cab 4X4. C’mon Ford. Build a small truck.