Bring back RWD Escort

Bring back the Escort like you did with the Mustang - but base it on the MK1 body style.

There is an Escort going to the Chinese market - while we are getting turned into a more impoverished nation other countries seem to be getting the better technology.

What about building a fun economical RWD car like the old days. Could even be completely electric or even TDCi if based entirely on the 1960's Mk1 chassis. (With a few minor updates)
Matthew S 03/03/2014
I agree completely, We need a Escort, A good escort. I Drive a zx2, I love the thing to death. It has been in the family since it was made in 1999, But I felt it was lacking. What I want in a escort is not a ecobox, but a coupe with rwd, nimble and fast. Something I can be proud of owning. Something easy that I could work on. Make it as basic as possible but with the drivers sprit behind it. I want the cosworth for America.  Make a escort your engineers can be proud of. Make it a true Escort.