Bring back real buttons

By Huy P.

I like my buttons and knobs. As nice and fancy as touch functions are, I prefer buttons and knobs for controlling things because they don't ever fail. They do exactly what you expect them to when you want them to. There's no problems with gloves or cold hands.
Christina M 08/31/2012
I agree with the above customer. We have been waiting for Ford and American carmakers to improve their quality control and gas mileage for years and want to buy a new Ford but the review of the touch controls on the dashboard is turning us off the idea. We hate messing around with touch pads and want real knobs and buttons instead of endangering other drivers on the road with our attention to the dashboard, pressing stupid digital controls. We both have owned American cars before and are hoping your companies will listen to public wants. Fancier does not mean better, just more waste of our time and money to repair the car.
Florin Georgescu 10/31/2011
I don't see it, Guys! Good luck, Corporate!