bring back lincoln towncar

i test drive a 1997 lincoln towncar signature series the other day. i must say this car was amazing at everything from handling, to performance. i love how the 4.6 litre v-8 has the get up and go that most people love in a car, especially one of its size. i think ford should consider bringing back the lincoln towncar with the 4.6 litre. have old style, and new style mixed in together. kinda like what yall did with the new mustangs. give it the full size sedan that it was in the late 90's. i gurauntee yall will be surprised at how this car will sell, and how many people will enjoy it. yall did a great job with the lincoln's so why not bring them back with a modern day twist. and if yall do bring them back with air ride suspension make the air ride last a lot longer, and be able to handle more strain. but make them just as comfortable as they were back then.
SK 06/28/2014
I'm 38 and own a 2006 lincoln towncar signature series. The only negative about the car is the increased fuel consumption but I have saved so much money on a car that has required very, very little repairs over the years. I do a lot of winter driving with this car and it does handle ice and snow quite well as long as it is equiped with winter tires and some weight in the trunk. These cars were extremely well built and is like driving a Lazy Boy sofa on the commute to work. I use mine as a family car and can fit 3 car seats in the back seat and fill the endless trunk with luggage for the entire fam with room to spare. I've looked at the MKZ towncar replacement and it was such a poor decision for Ford to let Towncar fall to this subpar vehicle. Love to see town car return....
eric 08/08/2013
I agree but intelligent people tend to like the town car as they have drove it  intelligence being rare Lincoln will be gone.
pat be gregorio 03/17/2013
when will ford finally realize that the town car is a staple of the American way of life and bring it back in its true glory!!!!! I miss my town car badly. I have owned 11 brand new models over the past 27 years. please consider my request.
Brad B 10/03/2012
Hey Ford ! My adopted Dad drives a '97 Lincoln Signature series. He loves that car. About two years ago when out Fusion came to live with us Dad started to think about trading. Well, being 70 years young as he likes to say commented that he likes his '97 better. Older drivers like their Lincolns. So in the past year a refit project began and his beloved Lincoln is back to factory specs and ready for 15 more years. Dad is a Happy Camper.