Brand Identification Confusion

By Dean S.

As a Lincoln fan, (I have had 9 Lincolns, still have four of them), I have trouble remembering what is what with the current brand identifications. MKS, MKT, MKX, MKZ I just don't think these titles resonate with customers. I suppose it harkens to the days of the Marks that ended with the Mark 8, but none of these models directly compare. And the recent article in Motor Trend Classic is truly disturbing. Isn't it time that Continental was resurrected. Gosh, a four door with rear hinged rear doors in a contemporary style would reconnect with those things that many folks remember so fondly about Lincoln. The current styling that reconnects with the classic '40's style is just too far back. Tap into the '60's. I know when I drive my '64 convertible, folks just go nuts.
LG 10/10/2010
A long and low super smooth and whisper quiet six passenger convertible would be a really Iconic Lincoln. Just remember that the suspension, brakes an steering must be up to the task. Also, make sure that it can move easily with a bullet proof drivetrain. It should be properly seen as luxurious and of premium quality. It should have a strong body and quality chrome. It should be faster than non Lincoln cars, so that customers get what they pay for. Perhaps it should also be rear wheel drive and capable of towing a nice speedboat for those who would like to live-the-life without buying a truck.