brake lights: scale indicator

We all know how important is the number of accident happening per day, per hour, actually per second. The reasons are sometimes serious, sometimes they are not. The reason wich pushed me to this idea I am going to introduce is banal. Those accidents happen currently. Driving is paying attention, but sometimes it’s hard to anticipate how other conductors will act, that’s why blinkers, taillight etc… are important. My idea is simple, the goal is to indicate to the others our braking intensity. What is interesting is that the light will change its intensity with the braking level. Let us imagine a situation where there is an important traffic, and cars are close, the braking lights wich could be designed as a bar network on a cellphone will be there to indicate how to progress with the traffic. You would say that brake lights are already there to show us that the conductor in front of us is braking. However, we can’t see the difference between a strong braking a medium one and a soft one, this could be a source of stress which causes accidents. And this could be capital to improve our behavior on roads, especially when the traffic is important because this idea alloy security comfort and efficacy.