Blind spots - a thing of the past, I can finally see!

Currently, when placing the vehicle in reverse, the rear camera activates and shows its rather spherical view onto the dashboard touchscreen display.

Why not as an additional option, extend its rather limited function to turning signals?  As blind spot sensors have been added in newer models, so could the rear camera (with a broader spectrum) be activated upon the shifting of the turning signal lever by displaying a panoramic view of the lane about to be crossed (either left or right).  

This would effectively do away with the need for blind spot sensors and potential kinks on a driver's neck.  The functionality would render blind spots a thing of the past placing ford ahead of all other competitors that have not yet implemented this idea or thought of it.  Moreover, instead of utilizing the existing rear camera, smaller options (equivalents) could be mounted on both mirrors acting as an extra set of artificial eyes for the driver.  Looking at the touchscreen display, the driver would determine the distance (an accurate reflection of it and not like the "objects may be closer..." one found in current mirrors) between his vehicle and the approaching one prior to making the lane switch.

One last option could be that several measuring tools could also be added to the display during turning signal activation, or a pre-set line enveloping the vehicle's dimensions like the one automatically shown in the rear view camera display on screen.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering this idea for potential implementation.

A loyal Ford driver and customer.