bench seat in regular cab Tremor

Hope to see a 3 passenger 40/20/40 ( power ) bench seat, in Regular cab Tremor or FX4 in 2015 model .The option to carry 3 passengers would be awesome, in the higher trim regular cab. Thank you for considering this idea !

Charlie B 11/11/2013
40/20/40 or a bucket seat would be all-around good to choose with many options. I prefer the bucket seat because it fits tight feeling secured. The regular cab behind the seat definitely needs to go deeper to store stuff and incline seat on a long road trip. I can't imagine to seat straight up for 12+ hours on the highway, because it would not be an ideal purchase for me on the long haul. 
Perry S 11/09/2013
A bench seat option is a great idea on all pickups and the Expediiton. It really enhances their capability / desirability.
Just reread, power seat in a reg cab?  How lazy are people?
What's wrong w/ the STX?