Ball-fixed Sun Visor

Nothing is worse when driving, and the sun's path cannot be stopped by the sun visor, because the sun visor stops right where the sun is. This is something every driver faces, which is why the ball-fixed visor is something every driver would love. The visor can be pivoted to block the sun's rays no matter where they come from. Now the sun isn't built around the visor, the visor is built around the sun!
Marvin C 10/31/2012
Great idea, hope some auto company will do this soon !
art h 10/31/2012
Actually it would be better if we could get a windshield that would get dark like eye glasses do. I'm not sure if it would be cost efective but would be nice. There are many people out there that would use your idea in a way that it wasn't intended to be used hence the label on blow dryers. Dont use in the bath tub :)
Glenn G 10/30/2012
Great idea! Or, if Ford could see fit to put pull-out extenders on its visors, as so many other companies do, that should be an easy fix.