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By Tom H.

Your marketing personnel are out of touch with the needs of truck owners.

Why don't you build a Ford F-150 XLT with an 8 foot box and 5.0 engine with a power adjustable drivers seat and a sliding rear window.

This seems like a basic truck but you do not offer this. What a miss!!!!

This is what I have in my 2002 F-150 FX4 A regular nice "getlemans truck"

I tow a boat for fishing with my wife. I don't need seats in the back. I do need the 8
foot box for hauling materials for work. There are no 8 foot box trucks on lots but
lots of crew cabs and super cabs because you I believe there are more people who have a need for the 8 foot box than you realize.

Dr3 R 01/04/2013
Have you tried to special order a truck to your specifications?