AWD Mustang

Why not a AWD Ecoboost Mustang for those who want a vehicle that can preform in the winter as well as the summer. Rear wheel drive has been an icon for performance in the past but those days are gone and there are people out there who have held off on the purchase of this vehicle becouse of issues dealing with snow and rear wheel drive.
Jeff Wenner 02/01/2014
I have a 2012 mustang gt convertible. Traction in less than optimal conditions is The issue. If the 2015 mustang does not have an awd option I will be buying an audi s4.
sam mannino 01/13/2014
My wife and i both love mustangs. my wife owned one in eighties and my daughter owned one in nineties. because of winter and rear wheel drive neither will buy another. I want a 14 mustang bad but won't get one till i see awd.
Joseph Price 09/10/2012
this idea is WAY past its time. Ford should have made an AWD option a long time ago to compete with the likes of the mid-sized sedans.
I have always dreamed of owning a Mustang, but living in NY makes that impossible because we have so much snow up here.
Garrett 06/23/2011
I think a hybrid RWD + AWD system would be much more to my liking. RWD until the driving surface becomes slick (IE. ice, slush, snow or heavy rains), where a differential would engage the AWD automatically and adjust to the weather conditions. If this would be a bit complex, even just an AWD button would be more than enjoyable!
Vincent T. Basile 06/15/2011
AWD V-6 would be irresist-able!!!
Add 4 inches to rear seat foot room and you blow away the competition - by increasing THE WINDSHIELD ANGLE and moving the dash forward with decreased volumn/depth.
Vince Basile Roanoke, Va.
Matt Williams 06/14/2011
RWD should still be an option because its a mustang icon-people still buy them
Elvis Ripley 05/04/2011
I went from a Mustang to a Subaru WRX and missed the power but loved the performance.