Automatic Windows w/press of key

By John R.

I think ford should adapt a system that automaticly rolls up your windows when you press the lock button twice or maybe a special button on the key. Its not a big deal in a mustang but a family with alot of kinds in an explorer would be usful. Think of a busy mom not being able to make sure her kids put all the windows up on her new explorer.
andres m 04/16/2012
i had a BMW 1 serie, and has this feature. It's very helpfull and be great if explorer has that.
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
Wow, Awesome Idea! This is one that wont cost Ford anything to do it either. Just programing. Double Click the lock and presto, Up Goes the windows!
Jim Straight 10/22/2011
I wonder if there is anything else this guy would like his car to do for him ?don't our cars have enough unneeded gadgets in them now escalating the price ? why don't we put automatic coffee makers in them too . oh I don't drink coffee...
Eddie Arnold 09/07/2011
great idea definitely should become an option on ALL Ford vehicles
James Hannah 09/02/2011
I, also, love this idea, but for another reason. You park your car, it,s nice out, you leave your windows down and go into the house. All of a sudden, you hear a loud crash, and the skies open up and the rain pours down. You reach for your keys and presto, your windows are closed. No need to go out into the rain, open the car, insert keys and close windows, then run back through the rain.
Mario Luna 09/02/2011
I agree. This should be standard but have the ability to turn off on the Dashboard Menu
Eric Renaud 08/30/2011
excellent idea so easy for them to do