Automatic temperature sensing climate pre-sets

How many times have you gotten out of your vehicle at the end of the day when it has been very hot and your AC has been on with vents fully opened only to find the next morning, dew is on the grass and there is a distinct chill in the air? As Fall approaches, this will be a common occurrence around Canada and many northern US states.

It would be great if we could pre-set the temperature controls in our Ford vehicles (or any make for that matter) dependent upon the ambient temperature outside the vehicle. There is already the technology to sense the temperature and it would not take a lot of programming to allow the driver to set various climate control systems to, for example, turn on the rear defrost, heated seats to minimum and front window defrost system to high when the temperature is around freezing when the vehicle is (1) started for the first time that day AND the interior temperature is consistent with the external ambient temperature. Since remote starting capabilities also exist, the driver would then not need to enter the vehicle to set the controls after remotely starting the vehicle. Seems this would be an easy system to develop and would have many benefits to drivers and passengers alike.