automated tailgate add-on

By Wes H.

I am 72 and own a 2010 Ford Escapewould like to see ford come out with an automated tailgate kit for my Escape
Andrew P 11/02/2012
if you want a power liftgate, you should buy a new one, its an option.
im not sure if ford sold the 2010s with that as an opiton but if they did you can go buy all the parts from your local dealer and have it put on, at an insane cost to you im sure. however if they didnt offer a power lift gate for that model year . i highly doubt they will come out with a kit to put that on an older body style.... if its a must have for you id go to any custom automotive shop and tell them you want it done, youll pay for it out the wazoo im sure but it can be done.