Auto fold mirrors when in Park or vehicle is locked

Add an option for vehicles with power fold mirrors to automatically fold in when the vehicle is shifted to Park or locked with the engine turned off without having to manually press the fold button inside the vehicle each time.
Ty C 05/22/2014
I second this idea. I would prefer not to have them close simply when putting truck in park as my mirrors have cameras in both and its helpful to have them extended and in park when trailering and setting up the trailer. However, it would be great to have them fold on delay much like the headlights. So the user can select 30sec, 1min, 2min, etc.. I also thing the power fold delay would help on the mirrors going open and close unnessesarly because we all lock our cars and then go back a min later because we forgot something. They should only power close automatically when the doors are locked with the remote are the key pad. However, I think when you unlock the doors or shift from park they should unfold.
Darren A 01/19/2014
This is an excellent idea. I support it 100%. In addition, it would be great for the mirrors to automatically open whent he vehicle is shifted out of park. I can't ell you how many times I have driven off with my mirrors closed! If the auto open option cannot be done then perhaps a warning tone can sound for the driver when the vehicle is moving (forward or in reverse) and the mirrors are folded.