AppLink on MFT

By Joe M.

Please bring AppLink to MFT systems. It's appalling that your best feature (AppLink) is not available on your best in-car system (MFT).
John C 03/31/2014
Yes...let us have Applink on mft on my 2012 Ford Focus..
david 01/11/2014
I heard from another forum that ford abandoned applink for mft
Todd H 12/19/2013
As a safety issue, Applink SHOULD be on MFT!  For Example, when using Pandora, if I want to thumb up/down a somg, I have to pick up the phone, log into it if its locked, bring up the app if its not on the screen, then tap the Thumb, all this while driving. Didn't have to do this in my F150 with touch screen and Nav, it had Applink!  Why is is so difficult to get it working on Mft when all the other car companies have it on all their models with touch screen? 
DANIEL V 10/25/2013
When is an Upgrade really a Downgrade?  When you pay the extra money for MyFord Touch and lose the best capability of SYNC.  Namely AppLink.  There appears to be some hope for the future, but I fear Ford will leave me in the cold by making AppLink available on 2014 models only with no upgrade for 2013 models.
perry 10/15/2013
Yes please give us the APPlink that would be awesome i have the 2013 ford fusion titantium my ford touch!!Thanksperry
John L 06/29/2013
Yes please include applink on MFT. I thought I could run my Nav through it so I bought my SHO with just MFT. Please include either app link on MFT OR even better give me the option of paying more to upgrade to the full Nav..the MFT without Nav is almost the same as the one without. Give those of us who didn't understand when we purchased the option to upgrade to full navigation. I'll pay. I reall y don't like the sync for the Nav, it's ok but full Nav would be much better. Just make it available, I would pay well over the original price to get it now. If that's not an option then give us a way to use applink with MFT and make sure Nav is an app thats included.
Jason M 06/21/2013
do it! what idiot decided paying more for less was a good idea?
Dave S 03/31/2013
Ditto, this should be on all MFT vehicles. Why does the cheapest fiesta come with applink but the 2013 edge limited does not?
Ryan W 03/12/2013
Please implement Applink with My Ford Touch. I'm sure the product management for MFT has to be aware of this request. Is this on the roadmap for support? Is there an official way to request enhancements to MFT?
Mary S 01/23/2013
Can't understand why this is not available on my new 2013 Fusion hybrid with My Ford Touch.
Calen K 01/12/2013
Again Ford, this is another feature along with wheel choices that the more you spend, the less you get!! Why is this not included?