Applink for My Ford Touch

By Ted K.

I don't understand why app-link is not available for my Ford Touch and it is for much less expensive cars. It just makes no sense, you buy the best ford offers and can't get a simple thing like App-link.

Come on Ford, let's get with the program and offer this. I am sure that I am not the only one that has asked for this.

Eric Storhok 05/19/2014
I agree as well.  I paid extra to have my ford touch on my 2014 Fiesta, but after driving with it for a while, I have come to find out that it's functionality is the same as the basic system.  Except that it does notsupport AppLink.  Which is one big reason I got the Mft verion. Please include in an update.
Brian M 04/20/2014
Payed a premium price to have everything on my 13 Fusion Titanium and was told it would be available on my car. This is still not and it is upsetting. More money should equal best features! Kinda feels like false advertising.
John D 03/22/2014
I agree 100% Ted. Great post. I would also like the ability for the system to connect through 3G/4G/Wireless for updates, syncing, etc. The connection through the phone makes me feel like I am in the 90's again....