Apple's Siri working with Ford Sync.

If you could access your iPhone Siri through your Ford Sync to change appointments around or set one. Or to set a reminder for you when you arrive somewhere, would be alot better than pulling out your iPhone to do it and keep your eyes on the road. Well that and it would just be pretty cool to be able to access all your iPhone or iPad features through your Ford Sync system. Like have Siri start playing a Movie in your car if you have DVD headrests for your kids. Stuff like that.
Robert Cauttero 03/06/2013
Paolo, in English you press the Voice Command Button and say "Dial Mobile Name". You will then hear the Siri beep. Then quickly talk to Siri. It's a good workaround.
paolo 12/06/2012
If I say "cellulare chiama nome" (italian for "call a name by cellphone", don't know the original translation), iPhone 3gs activated voice call... And my new iPhone 5 activates Siri!! :))
Jack B 11/28/2012
Come on Ford, make this happen!
Corey V 11/05/2012
Any normal bluetooth headset(long press of call button) can activate Siri, so there is no technical reason Sync could not. Perhaps a fast pull of the voice paddles gives your Ford Sync, and a long pull gives you Siri.
Jeff F 09/17/2012
I do this now through bluetooth. Siri & Sync are competitors not collaborators. Apple has already displayed their alliance while Ford signed on with Microsoft. I'm sure folks will work together on this eventually, for now, we have bluetooth audio profile to access siri.
Paul L 08/18/2012
I would be happy if Ford just added the button to access Siri. Apple announced at this year's WWDC that they are already working with a number of car manufacturers to make this happen. Ford is notably absent from the list (I wonder why?).
Paul F 03/04/2012
This sounds amazing, but it is because of Apple. They wont let Siri to be integrated into anything right now. If you connect the iPhone via bluetooth you are able to use Siri through the speakers of the car. It is not much, but it is better than nothing.