America needs it's wagon back

They wagon needs to come back.  Ford is currently producing excellent wagons, but not selling them in their own back yard.  An suv or crossover is not a suitable replacement for people who both enjoy the feel & economy of a car and have the passenger and cargo requirements that a wagon accomadates.

It's sad that only foreign car companies are fulfilling this need in the North American market.

I drove a focus wagon for many years and I wish I could enjoy that Ford experience again.
Paul F 08/12/2014
I agree. We need a Focus wagon and wagon ST here in the US. Great performance and good gas mileage, unlike the SUVs which Ford ewants us to buy. But not in Europe! There they have a choice - and do go for a lower slung wagon type car. Come on Ford!  
Jeff G 07/01/2014
My 05 Focus Wagon has more cargo space, seats up or down, than an Escape or Edge. I average better than their highway mpg estimates. Coming back with a wagon is a no brainer. Come on Ford. Get with the program. L 06/02/2014
Too Slow! I bought a VW jetta sportwagen last week. Thankfully there are still auto manufactuers willing to please their North American customers.
Ben G 05/06/2014
I also agree 100%.  I've got a 2002 Focus wagon that is the perfect car, in my opinion. I can carry 10' lumber, bikes, lawnmowers, and all kinds of other stuff in it, and still get the fuel economy and driving characteristics of a small car.  Please bring the new Focus wagon (or a Fusion wagon!) to America again!
Clayton F 05/01/2014
I couldn't agree more. While SUVs are fine for some people, I want the fuel economy and handling of a lower profile vehicle.
greg f 04/17/2014
I agree, I have a 01 Focus wagon with 266,000 miles that I have been hanging onto hoping that Ford would let us Americans buy brand new wagons. The Focus and C-Max hatchbacks are too short in back to fit my bike.