Allow Recoaro seats to be removed from ST2 and 3 packages in Focus ST

By Ryan V.

My thighs don't fit comfortably in the recaro seats in the upgraded packages for the Focus ST. I would like the other options with being comfortable in the car. I like the ST accept for this one flaw. I am wanting to purchase this vehicle now if my requests for this can be met.
James G 04/10/2014
Agreed. I purchased the 2014 ST3 a few months ago and really enjoy the car. However I stand at 6'3", 225lbs and the Recaro seats are killing me. Unless I can determine some sort of way of altering/changing out the seats I am afraid I will have to sell it...if anyone has a suggestion to this issue I would be all ears!
Alan F 11/08/2013
Amen!! I went into the showroom today to test drive the Focus ST3 and I was so dissapointed. I loved everything about the car but the seats were just too uncomfortable for a daily driver - I felt like I was sitting on top of the seat instead of in it. My shoulders fit but my thighs just didnt fit and there's no way I could drive the car long distance =/ Bummer... hoping they make the seats bigger or make the seats an option.