All Windows Up at Shut Down Button

A button next to or connected with the lock all doors button could be added that closes all the windows, sun/moon roofs, truck back windows at once prior to shutting down and leaving the vehicle.  Also, this function could be programmed into the keyed (or not keyed) ignition shut down system, shutting the windows right away but delaying the lock all doors until the driver and passengers have departed the vehicle, in addition to havingthe button in the case of an in the car emergency.  Both a convenience and a safety (theft/carjacking) feature, it could be attached to the Global Onstar System for simultaneous deployment of the Onstar System in the case of a carjacking while closing all the windows for added safety.
salah eddine t 08/31/2013
i had the system fitted with the alarm, its not a big deal.