All sedans should have a hatch trunk

By A S.

The wagon or hatchback design, while useful, often looks more awkward than some would like and prefer the looks of a sedan. Despite a sedan's sloping silhouette, giving your sedans a hatch style trunklid like the mazda6 5 door would greatly enhance its functionality
Carl Gubkin 06/22/2011
I am the current owner of a 2008 Mazda 6 - 5 door. I love my car but I have often thought of what can I replace it with as it is no longer available in the 5 door model in the US. I really can't understand why? The car is very versatile as well as having good looks. I use it for carrying bikes, golf clubs, my RC planes, and all kinds of stuff that would not fit in a conventional sedan. But its economical to run, looks sporty and I'm not ashamed to bring it to an exclusive engagement. The closest thing now is the Honda Crosstour which I believe is the ugliest car around. When will you be introducing the Ford Mondeo in the US? I understand it comes only in a 5 door or wagon which is fine with me. if marketed correctly in the US, it should be a big seller like it is in Europe.
Matt Williams 04/06/2011
not all people like hatchbacks though, so you should still have the option of a normal sedan
Paul Dee 03/21/2011
and Lincolns should have a "dual-back" available like the Skoda Superb