All New Ranger

I really think that Ford should bring the All New Ranger to North America.
chris 03/08/2012
I don't see the attraction of the ranger as portrayed. I own a 2000 xtra cab with 2.3 man. Power sucks and the milage is only 20-21 mpg.
If you introduced a standard cab or an xtra cab version of the new truck, I would own one for commuting to work.
Fuel economy, price and the ability to park in my neighborhood are important to me. Power isn't important for my use, but, would be a nice bonus.
If I wanted larger, I would (if I had the money) be shopping for the supercrew ecoboost xlt. That is my dream truck.

Note: I have owned '02 and '05 superduty diesel 4x4s. Both crew cabs. I LOVED them. But the price of fuel, the economy and getting married has me leaning toward a less capable truck that stil can do everything I want it to. WITH some fuel economy.
Thank you
Michael P 02/25/2012
I agree. See my earlierpost.