Air Pressure Reminder

Have a reminder once a month on the display to check the air pressure on the tires, or have sensors on the tires with a display that will show the air pressure on each tire. My 2005 Ford Freesytle lets me know when it's time to change the oil (a feature I love) and would love to have a similar feature for checking the air pressure.
JJMJRDEC J 12/26/2013
Comment on this idea another problem truck spares should be mounted with the valve stems located so they can be maintained with ease.
Matt S 01/18/2013
It would be great if Ford offered a system that showed the air pressure in each tire on the display. Currently, all you get is the "one of your tires might be low" idiot lights...
A.T. Rutting 01/02/2013
Many new Fords have a tire pressure monitor that will alert you when one of the five tires (don't forget the spare) is underinflated.