Air Conditioning Controls

I have never been a Ford owner but I am considering the new Ford Escape. I was never a fan of Ford styling up until it's most recent entries. I was interested in the 2.0 Ltr EcoBoost but none were available, so I took a test drive in the 1.6 ltr Eco Boost. I was pleasantly surprised in the handling and quietness of the vehicle but I noticed a design flaw that should be corrected. When the car is in "Park", the gearshift lever blocks the airconditioning controls. They are easily accessable when the car is in drive, where the lever is farther away from the dashboard. But if you are sitting in "Park" and trying to cool off the car, the controls are annoyingly blocked by the gearshift lever.
These are exactly the negative items I always read about when Consumer Reports reviews a new vehicle, you might consider altering this design.