Adjustable Height Lift gate - Ford Edge

I'd like to strongly suggest that the Power Lift gate on the Ford Edge be height adjustable.

If you look at other vehicles around the Edge's size and class (for example the Toyota RAV4, Cadilliac SRX Crossover, Ford Explorer and the Kia Sorento just to name a few), all of these vehicles come with this capability already.

This remedy would solve problems for quite a few people such as:

1.) for those of us who park our vehicles in the garage, a fully open lift gate would almost certainly hit the top of an open garage door (or the mechanical parts of a closed one) if it isn't parked in a VERY specific spot. I constantly worry about this when I park my new Edge in the garage. If I need to open the lift gate, I always have to pull the vehicle out of the garage at least half way to load the cargo area. In the snow and the rain, this is inconvenient at best!

2.) situations in which someone cannot close the lift gate completely, on a temporary basis, due to longer or larger cargo (such as lumber or a surf board) and that person isn't tall enough to reach the lift gate to pull it down to secure it. With a height adjustable lift gate (such as your Ford Explorer and the other vehicles mentioned have), it does not matter how tall you are... you can still fully utilize your cargo area as you see fit.

Since the Ford Explorer already has this feature, I'm sure it would be next to nothing to have this feature added to the Edge; I'm not really sure why it isn't already on the 2013 Edge, but alas. On that note, since the Explorer currently has an adjustable lift gate it tells me that Ford already sees enough benefit in this feature to utilize it on (some) Ford vehicles. Since the lift gate on the Edge Limited models is already electronically controlled, via two buttons inside the vehicle as well as the key fob, it should be quite easy to distribute a software update to remedy this issue.

Please, please forward this request to your software development team(s) and ask them to consider it! It would make a world of difference for a lot of Edge owners.

Thank You. :o)
Dolores Cash 08/29/2013
DeeC I have a three week old Ford Edge. I am so disappointed that in addition to all the other features on my Limited, they did not bother to put the adjustable tailgate technology on the car and that Ford dealerships are vigilant in not mentioning the absence of this feature!! Unless Ford adds this feature, they will find a drop in sales in favor of vehicles who are a jump ahead of them. It is extremely important to be able to open the cargo area inside the garage. Unless this feature is corrected my next car will not be a Ford.
robert s 08/25/2013
I cannot understand why this feature is not on my 2013 Ford Edge Sport. I would love to hear feedback from a Ford Representative on this subject.
Ed S 07/31/2013
Yes I have the same problem with my 2013 Edge Limited.  I can't use the liftgate inside my garage.  I have had suv's with liftgates in my garage for 15 years and never had a problem with a liftgate opening too high.  My wife always uses the garage for unloading food etc.  Now she has a brand new Edge and can't use it in the garage. 
Carol B 04/30/2013
I agree that the Edge liftgate height should be adjustable. I most likely would not consider an Edge again without this feature.