Adjustable Arm Rest

I am 6' tall and have driven and owned numerous Fords. Only a few (Ford Explorer) has comfortably-positioned door arm rests. Most other vehicles (sedans) usually have door arm rests that sit too low, causing shoulder pain after a while. I suggest incorporating an adjustable door arm rest with a travel of no more than perhaps 2 inches to accomodate drivers of various heights. This could be incorporated into the driver memory settings that also control seat and pedal heights. Offer it as an option. I'm sure that cost of engineering and production would be fairly minimal.
Brett M 07/07/2014
I am 6'3" and have never had an arm rest where I could comfortably set my arm. I always have to lean to one side if I want to set my arm on the arm rest, so I usually end up setting my arm on the top of the door panel where the window is, which is not comfortable for any amount of time. The top of the door panel is not usually padded, is not wide enough to set my arm on it comfortably, and is generally too high in cars to comfortably set my arm on. This adjustable arm rest is a good idea and I would like to see at least a height adjustable center arm rest in new Ford cars to come.