Add two feet more sells vans galore

By Mark B.

The Ford Transit Connect Van when  stretched is an ideal size for an update to the camping micro van made famous by VW.  I do not understand why this vacuum in this market segment has not been filled by adding 2 feet to the lenght.  I have been a loyal Ford customer and have bough 5 plus cars but on this one I am running out of patience and may have to considere a restored VW camper or a  new Nissan van . Wake up. Add 2 feet more and you'll sell vans galore.  The prefab camping installation kit is already available for the short version but this space is too cramped and can be adapted for the long version when it will become available.  I'll wait one more year and then you will lose me.
Brad B 05/22/2014
Hey Mark B. Just move over to the full size Transit Van for a new camper conversion. Before all would be said an done you'll want to tow something and the smaller TC wouldn't handle the heavy conversion plus towing.