add cargo space instantly!!!

I have seen many pick up trucks modified in a homemade style.
The owners want higher sidewalls on thier pick ups ,so they use 2x4's and plywood to get a bigger payload on the truck. Ugly and dangerous!
Wouldn't it be great, if you could get an option on your F150 like my idea.
Optional side wall extensions ,that are concealed ln your sidewalls until you need them.Then with a push of a dash board button,up come three walls,and now you can carry the whole load of ,cordwood ,garden mulch, or whatever you need without making two trips!Thus saving on gas and valuable time.
Aditionally. safety would improve because "diy" wood walls could fail with disaterous results on the road.I have drawings of this idea .I would love to show them to a Ford engineer.Also, you could offer a manual crank to extend the sidewalls.That would be more affordable for the budget-minded .
the gain in cargo space could be as much as 50% . Of would have to caution drivers regarding the weight limits of the truck. With creative engineering this could be a factory option on new trucks,and an aftermarket product on many older models.