Adaptive Cruise Control expansion

I love the idea of getting a C-Max Energi.  It fits a need I have very well.  However, every six months or so, I take a 14 hour trip (one-way) to visit relatives.

Wow, how Adaptive Cruise Control (Acc) would be a benefit to me on these trips.

I am really hoping that Acc is a feature I can add to the 2014 C-Max Energi.

From a daily commute point of view, the C-Max Energi is perfect.  I don't want a large car - I want a four wheeled electric motorcycle with a roll cage.  The C-Max Energi is a perfect fit from that point of view.  Safety, yet super fuel efficient.

But once in a while, (monthly, really) I need to go on a trip that puts me on the road for more than five hours.  Acc would be wonderful in these conditions.

My current car, a Subaru, has been a champ for many years.  But it is getting old, and I would be happy to retire it to the role of "the camping trip vehicle" if I could get a car to replace it with the right features.  Those features are: the fuel efficiency of a C-Max Energi, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

I know the Fusion has Acc.  But it is a larger car, that I really don't need.  And with the greater mass, there is no way it can be as fuel efficient as the C-Max Energi.  So the Fusion is a non-starter for me.

Please add Adaptive Cruise Control to the 2014 C-Max Energi.

I truly want to buy this vehicle.

Thank you for your time and attention.