A suggestion for Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company, I would like to present this suggestion to you in regards to the 2014 model year:
There were (2) earlier concept drawings of the Ford Atlas concept pickup truck:

The "Bullet Train" designed by by Tyler Blake
The "Locomotive" designed by Brad Richards

The "Bullet Train" concept design really appeals to me more than the "Ford Atlas" concept truck. I would purchase a Ford production pickup truck that has an exterior body style similar to the "Bullet Train" before I would buy a production "Ford Atlas" pickup truck.
Some people may find the "Locomotive" concept design more appealing than the "Ford Atlas" concept truck. The "Ford Atlas" concept truck may be appealing to some people.

I suggest that Ford Motor Company do the following:
>>> Offer (3) models of pickup trucks (Bullet Train) (Locomotive) (Atlas)
>>> Build a concept model of the (Bullet Train) and (Locomotive) for the public to
>>> All (3) pickup models can be built on the same P552 platform
>>> You can place an order for any model of pickup truck (3) months in advance of
the models reaching a dealership showroom

Finally, for those people who are interested in buying a Ford pickup truck without all
that height, size, and weight, a 3/4 size pickup truck of each model will be offered and
the 4x4 model will not sit so high in the air.
Special Note: The "Bullet Train" concept design pickup truck needs to be offered with a better styled front grille, aerodynamic shaped side view mirrors with power fold
capability, and power hide away cab steps.
Now Ford Motor Company is offering the public a choice to choose from. Make it happen Ford Motor Company.

art h 06/24/2013
Not a fan of the bullet train name. It's already been used.
Call it something else and it may sell.
I have only seen the Atlas version and love the overall appearance of it