a real compact truck

new ford ranger {jeep killer} ford nine inch axles front and back, coilsprung suspention, wheel wells large enough to fit 33inch tires, 31 inch factory, plain jain crank windows, manual locks no GPS, NO BACKUP CAM NO BELLS AND WHISTLES, compact like the rangers used to be, easy to work on, flatbed option, simple easy to drive, 5speed manul, two speed transfer case and yes manual, come on we are not that lazy!! we dont need all that electronic garbage!! please ford!! thats why the toyotas are still so popular, build a truck that the aftermarket will embrace and those of us that use there little trucks in the woods can actually use!!
Harry Childress 07/12/2013
Thre is such a thing as too simple, but there can be the Chevy version of the LS, LT, LT1, LT2 and LTZ.It does Benedict to be a true mid-sized truck.  If we wanted a micro "smart truck" it would be different.consider offering an American made (North American) truck, with carrying and towing capacity.