A mini F150

By Jim M.

Ford needs to make a small truck again.  Not every one wants or needs a full size truck.  Offer 2 & 4-wheel drive with great economy, nothing fancy, have one model that is battery powered or hybrid.  6 foot bed is perfect.  Also, offer a performance model, 2 & 4 wheel drive, maybe a mini Raptor.

Offer a dump kit for the bed - fill the bed with wood chips and then dump it in your yard or your customer's yard.

Design a bed cover that can roll up completely out of the way by a push of a button.  Bed cover offers protection and better economy.

Design the back of the cab to open up to allow some longer items to fit in the bed.
Robert W 10/23/2013
Ford should never have discontinued the Ranger
salah eddine t 08/31/2013
they allready have it, its called the ranger, engines from 2.2 diesel 150hp to 3.2 200hp if they sell it in the US the F-150 sales will drop a lot.