A F-150 isnt a Ranger

We are a small company with 3 F-150s that do a great job. However, these trucks are not made for nimble use in a urban areas where we need a trucks capabilities. Can you make the Mexican Ranger (and Crew-cab) available stateside? We will not buy another F series for this and since the Ford Ranger isn't available, I guess its off to another manufacturer. Very disappointed in Ford for whatever reason they choose to eliminate the Ranger from N. American market yet continue else where (forces loyalists to buy F150 to retain that best truck stature??). As a 25 year "loyalist" I can not toe the line on this blundering move. See ya Ford....
Seth R 03/22/2013
Why doesn't ford just make a f-150 with a ranger trim. The ranger trim will be just like the original ranger, but it won't take sales away from the F-series. It will accutualy boost the F-series sales. If you don't want to make the ranger a trim, just rename it the F-100. Then it will be a the new smallest of the F-series lineup.
Patrick G 03/07/2013
I agree. It amazes me that Ford just up and left the midsize pickup market; leaving Toyota to take total control. Even the Sport Trac, if offered with a long bed and off road packages would have competed against the Tacoma. It's a shame. Hopefully Ford takes this time to re-assess and comes out with a mini-F150 midsize pickup. If they half ass it thought it won't work.
Robert T 02/18/2013
Dream on. Its gone gone gone
lardy m 01/29/2013
I agree
Richard P 01/29/2013
Could not agree more.
Stephen B 01/25/2013
I have an 01 Ranger, but may consider a Toyota for my next purchase of a truck. The F150 is nice, but expensive and too big for my driveway. I'd love to see a full line of Rangers in the US. 4 and 6 cylinder engines, as well as diesel and maybe even hybrid or electric. Be sure to offer everything from base models for pool cleaners and the like to leather-trimmed special editions.