Ford has the taurus which is a great car, and has recently been saved with a much needed face lift. But i am afriad that that name has become synonymous with an old mans car, its not "cool". My idea is that ford should offer a car that competes with cars such as the cadillac cts, the BMW 5 series, audi A6. i know that they are trying to do this with the lincoln mkz, but i think they need a completely new radical idea to get people excited about lincoln. Make a four door sedan that looks sleak, mean, respectable, but not too flashy. Then throw in a powerful engine, give in a smooth ride (not stiff!), and make the interior a place you never want to leave.
Get people excited about this company and make them want to see whats coming in the next model year
Brad B 07/09/2012
Hey Tyler W! We already have it, the Fusion Sport Model. That Fusion will play tag with a Caddy any-ole-day. And for about $20k LESS.