65 MPG?

By Rene L.

I read an article written in 2008 about the diesel fiesta that gets 65mpg. I understand it being too expensive to import in 2008 but due to the gas crisis, if properly advertised, I believe that Americans would buy this car and change to diesel fuel. Anything to save a dollar and it would also put a few in your pockets. Please sell this car in the American market. It would only make sense RIGHT NOW.
Dean Winters 09/10/2011
i drove one in england for 2 weeks. best car i ever drove.
Thomas Smith 05/10/2011
Clean diesel, 25-35% better fuel economy. Forget the hybrid....bring on the diesels!
Dale Thomas 04/30/2011
I gotta diagree with Omar. You need to look no farther than VW Jetta TDI's to see cars that have built an impressive following and inventory sell through.

They could do it here. It may not sell huge numbers at first, but as the idea grows and catches on sales will follow.

FORD....bring the diesel!!
Omar Bretado 04/27/2011
hate to break it to you Rene but there are a lot of petrol/deisel amazing looking cars out there that offer 50+mpg but unfortunately aren't legal in the Usa for lobbying reasons. OIl companies make sure that standards are set via the EPA in order to keep those cars out of our country so they could make an amazing profit. Need not forget that your idea is awesome